Andrew Lamianski

Andrew Lamianski

Saber Coach

Coach Andrew Lamianski started fencing at age 8 and was a competitive fencer for fourteen years.  He was a member of the Belarusian National team from 1981 to 1987 and won the National Championship three times during those years. He took part in many National and International competitions including Senior World Cups.

In addition to training, he studied in the State University of Physical Education and Sport Minsk (Belarus) where he was distinguished as an extraordinary person in the area of physical education and sports. Andrew is familiar with many related to physical training and sports such as physiology, psychology, human anatomy, biochemistry, etc. Upon graduation, he took postgraduate courses and defended his Ph.D. dissertation.

He started his coaching career in 1988 as a coach at Belarusian school of Olympic reserve. Since 1995 Andrew was one of the National team coaches who trained many winners of National, European, and International championships:

In August 2001, Andrew came to the United States and continued his work as a head saber coach at Medeo Fencing Club. He is also the head fencing coach at Ridge High School in New Jersey. In 2009 , Andrew joined Manhattan Fencing Center. During his work in the United States, Andrew prepared 4 members Cadet National Team USA and his students won more than 150 medals in National and international competitions.

Notable Students

Akhil VG Varukhatty – Gold medalist Div 3 2019, top 16 European Cadet Competition; member Singapore Cadet National Team 2019 Cadet Word Championship in Poland

Connor Mills – Top 8 Cadet NAC 2016, top 8 Junior NAC 2017; Top 8 Junior World Cup in Phoenix USA

Elden Wood – Gold U10 NAC, gold Div 3, gold Div 2 National competition 2019;  Gold NAC 2019 Cadet competition; Bronze 2019 NAC

Dona Pepe – National champion Women Vet 50; 5 place World Veteran Championship

Jacaeber Kastor – Silver Medalist National Competition Veteran 60 2019, member National Veteran team 2019

Jonh DIGennaro – Bronze medalist Veteran NAC 2019.2020, 2021; Member  National team V70 2019, 2021

Michael Bacon – Silver and bronze medalist NAC 2019 and 2021. Member National team V 50 2021

Frauke Berman – 15+ times Medalist Veteran 40 and Open Veteran Fencing; Gold medalist in both events

Natalia Oblonsky – 10 + times medalist Veteran 40,50 and Open events

Michael Zipper – NAC Veteran 50 finalist

Ben Natanzon – 2012 Bronze Medalist NAC U14, Gold Medal at the Team event Maccabeus Games 2013, 2013 Bronze medalist JO U19, 2013 Silver medalist NAC U16, 2014 Finalist D1 Championship, 2014 Finalist World Cadet Championship in Bulgaria

Jonathan Fitzgerald – 2013 NAC U19 Bronze Medalist, JO U19 2014 Finalist

Julian Merchant – 2012   Bronze medalist  U14 Championship, 2013 NAC U16 Finalist

Gabriella Tartakovsky – 2012 Summer National  U14 Finalist, 2013 Summer National Finalist, NAC 2013 U16  Champion, JO U16 Finalist, Silver Team Medalist International Cadet Competitions in Germany 2013, Top 16 fencers international Cadet Competitions in Austria 2013

Elizabeth Tartakovsky – 2013 NAC U14 Finalist, 2013 U12 National Champion, 2012 U10 National Silver Medalist.   Top 32 Fencers International Cadet Competitions in Poland and Hungary 2013                       

Megan Beteau  2012 Div2 finalist

Thomas Slawinski  2014 JO u 16 Finalist.  Top 16 Junior World Cup   in Arizona 2014

Robert Slawinski    2013    NAC D2 Finalist

Jessica  Rockford – 2012 NAC Div2 Champion, 2012 JO U16 Finalist, Bronze medalist RYC D1A

Peter Pak – 2010 Summer National Champion Y14, 2010 Bronze Medalist World Cup, Goeppingen Germany,6th place World Cadet Championship in Jordan 2011

Sarah Pak – 2010 Cadet National Team, Junior Olympic U19 Finalist 2010, Bronze Medal D1 National Championship 2011

Michael Mills – 2005 Y14 Summer National Finalist, 2007 Summer National Y14 MS Bronze Medalist, 2008 Summer National Cadet National Champion, 2008 Cadet National Champion, 2009 Junior Olympic bronze medalist, 2009 member of Cadet National Team, NCAA Champion 2013

Andrew Herczak – 2010 Summer Nationals U16 Champion, 2011 JO Finalist

Dima Lamianski – 2006 Summer Nationals Div II Silver Medalist

Allison Barry – 2010 NAC A Div III Champion, 2011 NAC Div2 Champion, JO 2011 Finalist

Jared Hammond – 2003 Garden State Games Winner, 2004 Div III Summer National Champion, 2005 – 6th Ind. and Bronze Medal at the Team event at the World Maccabiah Games (Israel)

Jason Choy – 2007 JO’s Finalist

Beverly Yang – 2007 Summer National Champion WS Div III

Chris Bonner – 2008 Summer National Div III Bronze Medal.

Gina Annunsiato – 2003 U17 NJ Qual. Winner, NJ Cup Winner, 2004 2nd in the State, 2006 NAC Div III Champion.

Max Pike – 2003 Div III Finalist, 2004 Div III Sum Nat Bronze Medal

Noah Wiviott – 2003 Garden State Games Winner

Alex Bachman – 2004 Div 1A Silver Medalist

Zach Brown – 2005 Div III Summer Nationals Bronze Medalist, Div1A Finalist