Fencing can help your child get into college

Fencing gives an extra advantage when applying to higher education and shows that student is well-rounded. Majority of the best universities in the US have fencing programs including most Ivy League schools. Colleges are looking for strong fencers who will contribute to their fencing teams. Fencing will help your child to be accepted to best schools or get scholarship from universities where athletic scholarships are available. Schools that offer athletic scholarships include Notre Dame, St. Johns, Penn State, Ohio State, Wayne State and Duke.

Many schools offer full and partial athletic scholarships. Scholarships are competitive and go to athletes who have shown excellent tournament results in high school. MFC coaches and staff will help you to plan ahead if you’re interested in working toward a scholarship. We educate parents and athletes on their college application process. We help connect our fencers to our extensive network of college students and alumni. We also maintain strong relationship with coaches of the nation’s top college fencing programs. It’s never too soon to start planning for college and we are happy to help guide you through the process.


College Placements

Under the supervision of our elite team of coaches, our club has helped place countless students into the best universities in the country–Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Georgetown, Penn State, St. John’s, and Columbia University.

We are proud to say that Manhattan Fencing Center is the #1 saber feeder club to highly selective universities for the last 10 years.

2024 College Placements

Ashley Yang, Cornell 

Jenna Shoman, Harvard

Erenei Ligh, San Diego 

Valeria, Boston College

Darii Lukashenko, St Johns

Frederick Fogelson, Notre Dame University

Finn Buchanan, North Carolina

Luke Hoppa, Santa Cruz

2023 College Placements

Kaitlyn Pak, Harvard
Jordan Silberzweig, Yale
Isabela Carvalho, Cornell
Hananiah So, San Diego
Nitika Submaranian, TUFTS
Mina Chioldi, TUFTS
Luca Berman, Boston College
Ryan Wong, Boston College
Sara Atluri, MIT
Ethan Frishman, UPENN

Angelina Lukashenko, Brandeis
Ella Nguyen, UNC

2022 College Placements

Kelly Liu, Ohio State
Jack Oursler, Notre Dame
Matthew Linsky, Harvard
Eileen Ye, Harvard
Have Stone, Duke
Alexia Newell, TUFTS
Jackson Gold, UPENN
Elden Wood, North Carolina
Henry Fedonckik, Haverford
Avery Kim, Vassar
Tuhin Ghosh, UChicago


2021 College Placements

Max Selendy, Chicago

Celine Owens, Chicago

William Owens, Chicago

Kaitlyn Yang, UPENN

Simona Costikiyan, Oberlin

Taras Erachshaw, Boston

Brady Traugot, Vassar

Karis Ligh, Binghamton

Aemilia Girardi, Tufts

2020 College Placements

Charlson Kim, Yale

Marcel Merchant, UPENN

Rebecca Whang, Brown

Akhil Varukatty, NYU

Nick Wu, NYU

William Wun, UNC

Stella Berman, Cornell

Sophie Meierovich, Vassar

Stephen Kim, Duke

Maria Stamos, NYU

2019 College Placements

Emerson Blutt, UPENN

Gabriel Lobo-Berg, Brandeis

Tariq Karam, St. John’s

George Bivins, Notre Dame

Stepan Sevostyanov, St. John’s

Catherine Ye, Harvard

Amber White, UPENN

2018 College Placements

Elizabeth Tartakovsky, Harvard University

Martha Merriam, Harvard University

Veronica Czyzewski, Harvard University

Jason Oh, Harvard University

Nora Burke, Columbia University

Sarah Prilutsky, New York University

Devin Chu, New York University

Cameron Chu, New York University

Amaury Atchabahian, New York University

2017 College Placements

Elizabeth Sweetra, New York University

Crystal Chen, Boston College

Benji Hofing, Cornell University

Daniel Orlov, Cornell University

David DiMolfetta, George Washington University

Vance Wood, Johns Hopkins University

Therese Mills, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Rachel Meierovich, London School of Economics

2016 College Placements

Matthew Chen, New York University

Kevin Gao, University of Chicago

Alex Silberzweig, Johns Hopkins University

Connor Mills, University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Slawinski, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Ben Stone, Duke University

PJ Tuckman, Yale University

Jessica Whang, Duke University

2015 College Placements

Julian Merchant, University of Pennsylvania

Gabrielle Tartakovsky, Harvard University

Jessica Rockford, Temple University

Ben Natanzon, St. John’s University

2014 College Placements

Alex Catoya, Brown University

Megan Buteau, Cornell University

Ben Sanits, Hunter College (Macaulay)

Sandy Vingoe, John Hopkins University

Christian Polinski, Johnson and Wales University

Jonathan Fitzgerald, Notre Dame University

Maddy Gallagher, Notre Dame University

Robert Slawinski, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Eddie Chin, Princeton University

Arabella Uhry, University of Pennsylvania

Wenrui Lu, University of Pennsylvania

2013 College Placements

Alyssa Hofilena, Air Force Academy

Anastasia Turin, Cornell University

Drew Salko, Drexel University

Allison Barry, Notre Dame University

Peter Pak, Princeton University

Jason Cai, Princeton University

Denis Berkay, St. John’s University

2012 College Placements

Dennis Dukhvalov, Brown University

Alaina Uhouse, Cornell University

Charles Copti, Duke University

Justin Oh, Johns Hopkins University

Patrick Gladkowski, New York University Stern

2011 College Placements

Adam Mandel, Brandeis University

Raymond Cai, Columbia University

Emma Sulkowicz, Columbia University

William Spear, Columbia University

Stephen Pochapin, Cornell University

Sarah Pak, Princeton University

Julia Klepner, Stanford University

Tiki Kastor, Temple University

Jason Reitman, Wesleyan University

Ashley Feng, Yale University

2010 College Placements

Melvin Rodriguez, Columbia University

Mira Armstrong, Columbia University

Matthew Joe, Cornell University

Ehsan Izadmehr, Cornell University

Eric Arzoian, Harvard University

Harrison Rothman, Haverford College

Bryan Ransinangue, NJIT

Carl Ianiro, Notre Dame University

Stephen Moch, Princeton University

Daniel Tobin, St. John’s University

Alexandra Tannous, St. John’s University

Joshua Hammond, University of Pennsylvania

Shaye Roseman, University of Pennsylvania

Johnny Arden, Vassar College

2009 College Placements

Michael Tom, Harvard University

Elena Helgiu, Harvard University

Charlotte Ohl, Northwestern University

Will Mcgough, Notre Dame University

Marta Stephien, Notre Dame University

Sean Buckley, St. John’s University

Jeremy Klepner, Stanford University

William Zhao, Yale University