PIX11 with Maia Chamberlain


Kendis trains to be an Olympic fencer

One of New York’s Very Own, Maia Chamberlain, is headed to Paris as the women’s saber athlete!. She stopped by the PIX11 News at 4 to talk about the experience, and show Kendis a few of her moves. [WATCH VIDEO]

Meet Yury Gelman, Founder, Manhattan Fencing Center

I’m the owner of Manhattan Fencing Center, President of the Yury Gelman Foundation, Head Coach of St. John’s University, Six Time Olympic Coach for the United States. I started coaching in Ukraine, honor coach of Ukraine and Head Coach of Ukraine National Team. [READ MORE]

Yury gelman, the coach who made fencing great in manhattan

In the heart of Manhattan, inside a building that seems devoted to everything but sports, there is a fencing center that produces talent every year. [READ MORE]

Fencing Can Be Six-Figure Expensive, but It Wins in College Admissions


At the Manhattan Fencing Center, the athletes don’t look much like the swashbuckling heroes in the movies. There are no daring leaps or flips, no slashing or gallivanting around the room. Instead, young fencers methodically attack and parry along a long, narrow strip of floor. [READ MORE]

The 10 Best Kids Afterschool Programs and Activities in Manhattan

Parents know that finding an afterschool program can be challenging. It is all-important. We want the activity portion, the hours, and most significantly, to be an enriching experience for our kids.  [READ MORE]

Manhattan Fencing Center Helps Students Reach Tokyo Olympics 2021

Nestled within the sprawling scrapers and commercial activity of New York’s most active borough, the Manhattan Fencing Center has been a breeding ground for some of the world’s best fencing and saber talent.  [READ MORE]

Fencing: A Unique Sport for Women of All Ages

Of the many choices for fitness and health pursuits, fencing doesn’t typically come to mind. Yet this unique sport, not readily understood by many, can be an excellent option for challenging both mind and body as we age. And talk to any fencing coach or fencer and they will say you are never too old to learn to fence. [READ MORE]

Keller Walker Hates Working Out: Fencing

Go “En Garde” with Kela as she explores both the art and exercise potential of Fencing in Bryant Park with help from Manhattan Fencing experts. [READ MORE]

10 Best Summer Camps for New York City Kids

Spring is here, which means that before you know it, it’ll be summer…and your kids (whether they spent the year in-person or remote) will be out of school. Lucky for New York City kids, the city offers a ton of super cool—and safe—summer camp options for 2021. [READ MORE]

The Americans 2018

The Americans is a documentary video project about immigrants who make a significant contribution to the cultural, social, and economic development of the United States.
The first episode is about Yuri Gelman, a sports coach, thanks to whom the US Olympic fencing team has become the strongest in the world. [WATCH VIDEO]

Asian American Fencers

Competitive fencing has been a part of every modern Olympic game. It was always a sport dominated by Europeans, but now we’re seeing more Asian Americans compete and excel in the sport. Reporter Kyung Yoon visits one fencing school that trains future Olympic hopefuls. [WATCH VIDEO]

Thrust and parry: Fencing reigns as ‘New York’s Olympic sport’

Daryl Homer, an Olympic Sabre fencer who won the silver medal in the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil, described fencing as “New York’s Olympic sport” because of “our high concentration of elite coaches, our athletes becoming more visible via media and popular culture…[READ MORE]

Men’s Fencing: Daryl Homer Wins Silver Medal for US

Daryl Homer jabbed, parried, leaped and, yes, stormed his way through Rio Wednesday, making it all the way to the gold medal match.

Homer’s run through the men’s individual sabre field, however, came to an end when he dropped a 15-8 decision to Hungary’s Aron Szilagyi. [READ MORE]

Meet Olympic fencer Daryl Homer

Meet Olympic fencer Daryl Homer
USA fencer sits down with USA TODAY Sports to discuss the misconceptions and pressures surrounding the sport. [WATCH VIDEO]

American Daryl Homer wins historic silver in men’s sabre fencing

Daryl Homer, the son of a single mother from the Virgin Islands who became fascinated by fencing when he saw a picture of two fencers in a children’s dictionary at the age of 5, became the first American to win a silver medal in men’s individual sabre in 112 years Wednesday night at the Olympic Games.[READ MORE]

2016 Summer Olympics: Fencer Dagmara Wozniak Defines Girl Power

“I was such a tomboy growing up and would fight with boys in the streets to stand up for myself. Sometimes I started the fights, but nothing was ever too crazy,” said fencer Dagmara Wozniak, 27.   [READ MORE]

Hannah trains like a pro fencer

Maybe we’ve been watching too much Outlander or fangirling over Ibtihaj Muhammad’s 2016 Summer Olympic performance too hard, either way fencing has us totally captivated. [WATCH VIDEO]

New York’s Olympic Sport is Fencing

Daryl Homer went to high school in New York City, and his classmates knew he fenced. But some apparently didn’t know quite how talented he was. Homer says one of his friends told him, “You always talked about how good you were at all these sports, but you weren’t that good at them.” Now, his friend said, “It’s pretty crazy.” [READ MORE]

How To Fence | Things I Learned In YA: Dueling

We can finally say that we’d be down to duel an undead spirit, assassin, or monster, but for the record, we’d prefer to stick to a less sweaty activity… like reading. [WATCH VIDEO]

Here’s What Drives Olympians In Unpopular Sports

American fencer Dagmara Wozniak is ranked second in the United States and fifth in the world in her sport. Now Wozniak, 28, is competing in her second Olympic Games. Although Wozniak lost her individual sabre event earlier this week, she’s still in the running for gold in the team sabre competition. [READ MORE]

I Got My Ass Handed To Me By An Olympic Fencer And Actually Enjoyed It

Hi, my name is Shannon, and I was recently “lucky” enough to sabre fence Rio-bound Olympian Dagmara Wozniak. Did I mention I have ZERO fencing experience? Yeah. [READ MORE]

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