Manhattan Fencing Center Olympic Team

2024 Paris Olympics

Elizabeth Tartakovsky

Elizabeth Tartakovsky

Elizabeth’s fencing journey ignited in 2008, inspired by her great uncle and future coach, Yury Gelman, and an Olympic moment. Starting at 8 alongside her sister, Gabrielle Tartakovsky, she embraced fencing’s blend of athleticism and strategy. Representing the Manhattan Fencing Center from 10, she garnered international experience.

Her accolades span Junior and Cadet World Championship medals, NCAA titles, and Senior World Team memberships. Notably, she earned Ivy League and NCAA honors at Harvard, graduating with majors in Economics and minors in Psychology and Spanish.

Despite setbacks, including the Tokyo 2020 Olympics postponement, Elizabeth’s resolve remained steadfast. Now, focused on the Paris 2024 Olympics, she dedicates herself to rigorous training and global competitions in pursuit of her Olympic dream.

Feres Ferjani

Feres Ferjani

Starting fencing at 10, inspired by his father,  Fares pursued the sport in Tunis before studying at St. John’s University in the US. As a two-time Olympian and top-16 global fencer, he’s earned five African championship titles and medals in events like the Grand Prix. Preparing for the 2024 Olympics, Fares embodies perseverance and sportsmanship, showcasing the power of passion. Feres has been working with Coach Yury Gelman and fencing with Manhattan Fencing Center for the last 8 years.

Feres Ferjani2

Colin Heathcock

Colin Heathcock, born in Beijing in 2005, is a rising fencing star. At just 14, he became the youngest men’s sabre fencer to win an individual Cadet European Championship. In 2022, he made history with three gold medals at a single Cadet and Junior European Championships. Colin continued his success with gold and silver at the 2022 Cadet and Junior World Championships in Dubai. In 2023, he secured two gold medals at the Junior World Fencing Championships in Bulgaria, becoming a three-time Junior World Champion. His achievements culminated in a historic bronze medal win at the Senior World Championships in Italy with the US men’s sabre team. In 2024, Colin made headlines again as the youngest male Senior Grand Prix champion in Tunisia and secured victory at the Italian Senior World Cup in Padua. Starting Harvard University in September 2024.

Pascaul Di Tella

Pascaul Di Tella

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pascual Di Tella relocated to the United States to pursue his education at Duke University in 2014, where he studied Philosophy and Political Science. Currently based in New York, he is employed at WME in the music department while honing his fencing skills at Manhattan Fencing Center under the guidance of coach Volodymyr Lukashenko.

With an impressive track record, Pascual boasts 8 PanAmerican medals at the senior level, along with notable finishes in the top 16 at both World Cups and World Championships. He is set to represent Argentina in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, further solidifying his status as a formidable force in the fencing world.

Maia Chamberlain

Maia Chamberlain

Maia Chamberlain, a passionate fencer since age nine, discovered her love for the sport through a saber fencing camp, inspired by adventure films like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Excelling quickly, she secured third place in Summer Nationals within a year, cementing her dedication. Currently ranked 29th globally, Maia boasts multiple top 16 finishes in senior World Cups and podium placements in US North American Cups and National Championships. Beyond competition, fencing embodies social connections, mental challenges, and physical prowess for Maia, making each bout a thrilling puzzle to solve.

Maia is a 2x National Champion and NCAA Champion.

2021 Tokyo Olympics

2021 Tokyo Women’s Olympic Fencing Participants

Pictured from left to right:
Elizabeth Tartakovsky, Dagmara Wozniak, Yury Gelman (coach), Nora Burke.

2021 Tokyo Men’s Olympic Fencing Participant

Pictured from left to right:
Sergey Isayenko (Coach) and Feres Ferjani.

2016 Rio Olympics

Five-time Olympic – Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London and Rio- fencing coach for Men’s Sabre, Head fencing coach of St. John’s University, and founder of Manhattan Fencing Center, Yury Gelman has made an incredible impact in U.S. fencing history.

Three of his fencers participated in the 2016 RIO Olympics to represent the United States of America and came home with Silver medal and Bronze. Daryl Homer won Silver Medal, Dagmara Wozniak and Monika Aksamit – Bronze Medals!

2016 RIO Olympians

Pictured from Left to Right: Yury Gelman, Dagmara Wozniak, Daryl Homer and Monika Aksamit.

2012 London Olympics

2012 London Olympians

Pictured from Left to Right:
Tim Morehouse, Dagmara Wozniak, Yury Gelman, James Williams, Daryl Homer.

Four MFC students participated in 2012 London Olympics and three of them finished top 8 in the individual competitions. 

Team Results


Daryl Homer-6th 

Tim Morehouse-8th 

Dagmara Wozniak-6th 


Tim Morehouse, James Williams, Daryl Homer-8th 

2008 Beijing Olympics

Four-time Olympic – Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London – fencing coach for Men’s Sabre, National Men’s Sabre coach, Head fencing coach of St. John’s University, and founder of Manhattan Fencing Center, Yury Gelman has made an incredible impact in U.S. fencing history.


Three of his fencers participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to represent the United States of America and came home with silver medals.


2008 Beijing Men’s Fencing Olympians

Pictured from Left to Right:
Keeth Smart, Tim Morehouse, Jason Rogers, and James Williams.