Manhattan Fencing Center Helps Students Reach Tokyo Olympics 2021

For Immediate Release: May, 2021

New York, NY – Nestled within the sprawling scrapers and commercial activity of New York’s most active borough, the Manhattan Fencing Center has been a breeding ground for some of the world’s best fencing and saber talent. Coach Yury Gelman has personally trained many of his protégés to represent their respective countries at the greatest global stage for fencing talent – the Olympics.

This year, the fencing center will see two students represent their countries and showcase their skills in the Tokyo Olympics of 2021. Dagmara Wozniak (representing the USA) and Feres Ferjani (representing Tunisia) both received training under the guidance of Coach Yury Gelman and will be fighting for glory at this year’s Olympics.

Dagmara Wozniak and Feres Ferjani will be joining a long line of alumni from the Manhattan Fencing Center that went on to represent their countries at the Olympics. This is the 6th time that students from the Center have entered the Olympics and Coach Yury Gelman would be expecting better, if not similar results to those of Olympic participants of the past.

Some of their most prestigious accomplishments include training both, individual silver medalist and bronze medalist in the Rio 2016 Olympics. The center has also facilitated the growth of the silver medalist team in Beijing 2008 and 3 of the top 8 finishes in the London Olympics 2016. Students from the center have also shown dominance in World, National and NCAA Championships.

The Center prides itself on the long lineage of global fencing stars that learnt their craft under the guidance of Coach Yury Gelman. In addition to this, the center has facilitated the growth and placement of the highest number of saber athletes on highly selective college teams in the last 5 years.

Fifteen of the 44 colleges that have their own NCAA fencing teams are highly selective in their enrollment and admission processes. These colleges have acceptance rates under 15 percent and enrollment in them is both, coveted and hard to achieve.

Manhattan Fencing Center grooms talent from a young age to help them breeze through college admission requirements and find a spot in the college of their choice. The interactive training method of Yury Gelman himself and the adaptive progression techniques followed in the center allow students to achieve perfection in fencing to not only get admission in college, but to also take it up a notch and participate in the Olympics.

Manhattan Fencing Center congratulates both, Dagmara Wozniak and Feres Ferjani, for qualifying to the Olympics and making everyone associated with the Center proud. This achievement and the many others of fencing students from MFC have made the Center a hotspot for parents and aspiring students alike.

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