Equipment Needs

Equipment Needed

All equipment is provided for a student taking beginner group classes and private lessons here at MFC. Once you are ready for electric fencing or to move to the next level, you will need your own equipment.

The fencer should be adequately protected and the uniform should allow freedom of movement to properly perform the necessary skills.
The following is a list of required equipment:

  • Mask
  • Chest Protector (mandatory for women)
  • Underarm protector
  • Jacket
  • Lamé
  • Knickers
  • Glove
  • Long socks (white, must reach bottom of your knickers- soccer socks work well)
  • Fencing shoes or sneakers
  • Minimum two working weapons
  • Minimum two working body cords (Uhlmann or Allstar)
  • Fencing Bag (to carry your equipment)

Contact the office if you have any questions regarding equipment and to find out what we have in stock.

Put identification on all your equipment!

In addition to the fencing equipment, you may wish to have:

  • Water Bottle and healthy snack
  • Towel
  • Tool Kit (screwdrivers, spare screws, springs, Allen wrenches)

Make sure your child has the necessary equipment before class and competitions.
Always check weapons to make sure they are working.
National tournaments require official weapons and equipment checks before fencing.

Equipment Care

Wash as you would any other whites – do not use chlorine bleach.
Lames may be hung in the shower and spray rinsed and drip dry; some people use blow dryers.
If you purchased a mask with a removable inside, this can be taken out and washed in a regular washing machine.
Washable gloves and socks per normal washing instructions.

For more information on fencing in the United States, please visit the official United States Fencing website.