Tournament coaching

All MFC students should be familiar with our coaching sign up for World Cups, North American Cup’s and local events.

Fencers should not participate in all USFA tournaments without discussing with the coach. Participation in too many tournaments may negatively affect fencer physically and especially mentally.  


  • If you are signed up for a National event, you are automatically added to the coaching list for that particular event. Please make sure to register on time and not after the registration deadline. If you register last minute, we can not guarantee that the coach going to the event will be able to coach you in this situation. If you are fencing for a university during the NCAA season, you must request coaching ahead of time from the MFC office at least one month in advance.
  • If you decide that you do not want to receive coaching for any National event, please make sure to inform us by email no later than one month prior to the tournament or on the last day of tournament registration. We will try to send as many coaches as needed to cover all MFC registered fencers. You will be responsible for the coaching fee if you do not inform us on time.
  • As soon as the coaches book their flight and hotel, you will be informed of coaching fee and details. Students are required to take care of the coaching fee no later than 2 weeks prior to tournament. There will be a late fee if students do not take care of fee on time.

International, regional and local events

  • Coaches do not automatically assume that you would like to receive coaching from them. They will wait to see how many students request for them to go to a local or regional event and will decide if they can go themselves or send someone from MFC to help.
  • Please make sure to request coaching by sending an email to your coach and CC as early as possible (ideally one month in advance or at least two weeks in advance).
  • For international events please contact coaches and office at least 6 weeks before competition. If you will not request coaching in advance, do not assume that a coach will be available to go with you at the last moment.


International, National (NAC), regional and local events

  • The MFC foil coaches send out a monthly email with recommended tournaments to attend for intermediate and competitive levels. If you sign up for a recommended tournament, you are automatically added to the coaching list. Please make sure to register on time and not after the registration deadline so they know to expect you.
  • If you would like to receive coaching to a local, national or international event that was not recommended by MFC coaches, you need to request coaching as early as possible. If the coaches have enough requests for that particular tournament, they will inform you.
  • You will receive an email from the foil head coach with all information, details and fees a few days prior to the event.

In order to make everything go smoothly during your saber and foil tournament, please remember the following:

  • Always have the contact phone number of the coach going so you can find out about the time and location of the MFC warm up prior to your event. You should also call the coach in case he/she is not able to find you when your event begins. There is usually organized warm up by coaching staff before first event of the day.
  • Don’t forget to wear your MFC patch, warm up jacket and cheer for your team-mates after you are done for the day. If you don’t have a patch or warm up jacket, please stop by the MFC office to get one.
  • If you get eliminated before the gold medal bout, please stay at the venue to cheer for your fellow club mates and to learn from the best fencers in the country.
  • Please send us group photos and individual photos of your fencers at all events. If your fencer medals, please send us the podium shot so we can put up on our bulletin board and website.

We hope that this answers your questions about coaching sign up procedure.