Tournament coaching

Coaching Procedure for MFC Club Members

General Guidelines:

– Familiarize yourself with the coaching sign-up process for World Cups, North American Cups, regional and local events.
– Avoid participating in all USFA tournaments without consulting the coach to prevent potential physical and mental strain.
Note that the coach-to-fencer ratio is 1:3-5. If students fence simultaneously, the coach will attend to the first one called. Throughout the season, regular participants can expect equal attention.
-Coaching fees are non refundable.


– For National events and SYC’s, you’re automatically added to the coaching list upon registration.
– Register on time; last-minute registrations may not guarantee coach availability.
– If fencing for a university during NCAA season, request coaching at least one month in advance.
– Please notify us a month in advance to opt out of coaching; otherwise, full fees apply. To opt out of one or more events, send an email to and copy your coach.
– Coaching fees must be settled by the deadlines outlined in coach emails.
– Failure to address coaching fees on time will result in late fees.
Please note that failure to participate due to any reason does not result in fees being refunded.

International, Regional, and Local Events:
– Coaches await requests for local/regional events; contact your coach early (ideally one month in advance to request coaching).
– For international events, contact coaches and the office at least 6 weeks prior; last-minute requests may not be accommodated.


– Monthly emails recommend tournaments for foil fencers; signing up adds you to the coaching list.
– Register on time for recommended tournaments.
– Request coaching for other events; coaches will inform you if there are enough requests.
– Receive event details and fees from the foil head coach a few days before the tournament.

General Tournament Tips:

– Have the coach’s contact number for warm-up details.
– Wear MFC gear including club socks and warm up jacket.
РStay after you are done and  support teammates.
– Share group and individual photos; podium shots for medalists are highly encouraged.

We trust this clarifies the coaching sign-up procedure. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out.